Meeting the minimum is not enough. Push yourself, go above and beyond to earn an A in this course. Document on this page how you have done this.

Note: Course Grading Policy
  • Complete ALL assignments in a high quality manner, earn a B.
  • To earn an A, go above and beyond. Be more creative, and/or create more technology activities and samples, and/or work with a teacher and his/her students, and/or work with a UW Oshkosh faculty member as a tech mentor/tutor, and/or ?????. Create a page in your wiki documenting and telling how you have gone above and beyond. Go ahead, do it!

Due Dec 15, 3 pm

A few ideas if you need some...

Optional (and all the rage these days....)
Genius Hour Projects
A time to set your goals and discover something new that intrigues you.
Suggested that it involves 1 hour per week or 20% of time.
Can be a solo or partner project.
Three requirements:
1. Must include a driving question that tells what you want to learn. (If you can find your answer on Google, then reframe your question to make it more complex and interesting.)
2. Project must involve research.
3. Project must be shared outside the classroom.
Learn more at
Turn Genius Hour Into Genius Year

Optional (and all the rage these days....)
Coding, Hour of Code (Khan Academy)
  • Hour of Drawing with Code: Learn to program using JavaScript, one of the world's most popular programming languages via two great options:
    • Drag-and-drop: experimental block-based coding for those with less-developed typing skills and on tablet devices (ages 8+).
    • Typing: keyboard-based coding (ages 10+).
  • Hour of Webpages: Learn to make your own webpages using the basics of HTML and CSS (ages 10+).
  • Hour of Databases: Learn the fundamentals of databases using SQL to create tables, insert data into them, and do basic querying (ages 12+).
  • Coding for Kids Revisited : resources for coding with elementary students (ages 5-11)
  • Made with Code
  • 12 Suggestions for Teaching Coding

How does the Internet Work? A series of 6 videos

Game development

Optional (and all the rage these days....)
3-D printing
Free 3D printing curriculum teaches students the basics of personal fabrication
Teachers in the fields of design and manufacturing can now access a free curriculum on 3D printing. Stratasys has launched a 14-week course designed to help students build skills in personal fabrication. The free curriculum, which includes a curriculum guide, presentations and 3D models (in the form of STL files and grading tools), is available for download at Stratasys' Web site.

Oh, this sounds like fun too.
ThingLink (see sample)
What is ThingLink? ThingLink is the leading platform for creating interactive images and videos for web, social, advertising, and educational channels.
Be creative! Make your images come alive with video, text, images, shops, music and more!
Every image contains a story and ThingLink helps you tell your stories.

Explore these free resources
300 awesome free things: A massive list of free resources you should know

Some more ideas
20 Ways High Schools Are Using Twitter In The Classroom
Helping my teachers use Remind
36 Weeks of Innovation for Your Classroom
Top 100 Tools for Learning 2015 : 9th Annual Survey of Learning Tools