What is it?

Assessment, testing and measurement, is a fact of today's educational landscape. Formative assessment lets you understand what students know and are able to do during the instructional unit. Summative assessment is completed at the end of the unit, quarter, and/or course/grade. Today technology is starting to be used for assessment purposes. Look for this area to be expanding rapidly in the near future.

Why do it?

It is much easier to tailor instruction to individual students when one knows what they know and don't know. Use technology judiciously to help you in this task.

Your assignment:

  1. Read/explore links below.
  2. Create an assessment page in your wiki.
  3. Optional: Find two articles/videos/blogs telling how real teachers are using these types of assessment tools in their classroom.
    Summarize articles and post links to articles on your wiki or embed videos.
  4. Google Form Sample:
    1. Create a 3-5 question survey or quiz using Google Forms.
      Include a variety of question types.
      Have at least 7 people take your assessment.
      Embed both survey and responses in your wiki.
      Remember to set your permissions/sharing to public so everyone can see your form. http://docs.google.com
      (Language Arts folks, go Above and Beyond, transform some of your assessment pieces into an electronic format for easier use.) Watch the overview video and help page if you haven't created a form before. See more video resources below including how to create a self-grading quiz.
    2. Briefly describe what app you used, any special notes you wish to remember (these are for you), and links to useful resources on how to use this tool.
  5. Poll Everywhere Sample:
    1. Create 2 surveys using Poll Everywhere (or similar app). http://www.polleverywhere.com/
      One survey should use words, the other pictures.Have at least 7 people complete your surveys.
      Embed and provide a link for your poll on your wiki. Include the responses.
    2. Briefly describe what app you used, any special notes you wish to remember (these are for you), and links to useful resources on how to use this tool.
    3. Bonus: Check out Mapping a Discussion with Clickable Image Polls
  6. RubiStar Rubric Sample:
    1. Create a sample rubric with a minimum of 4 criteria you will evaluate to see how tool works. Edit your rubric so it fits on one page (without using the "fit to 1 page" checkbox).
      Use Rubistar -- an online rubric development tool http://rubistar.4teachers.org/ Post rubric on page as a jpg and pdf along with Rubistar website address.
    2. Optional: Check out For All Rubrics -- they have rubrics aligned to the Common Core
  7. Reflections: Based on what you have discovered, on your wiki page tell how you and your students might use these tools to support learning.

Due Nov 8, midnight


Using iPads for Formative Assessment -- this article links to the one below. I've included both links in the event that the first one doesn't work. Perhaps the edweek blog would provide other interesting ideas!
What I Would Do with an iPad in My Classroom -- teacher tells how he uses a google form to record assessment data.
Here is the link to the sample google form he uses.

81 Ways Teachers Can Use Google Forms with Their Students

A wide variety of tools exist to assist you in assessing your students' work. Check out From Guilt to Google: Experimenting with Tech Tools to Improve Writing Feedback for some interesting ideas.

Check out Plickers and video-- clickers on paper

Another way to do quick assessment is to use Exit Slips. This can be on paper or electronically using Google forms or something like Poll Everywhere -- Art and Science of Teaching / The Many Uses of Exit Slips

Tools for Backchanneling & Informal Assessment

Google forms/spreadsheets
Find app under google drive/docs (spreadsheets and forms) http://docs.google.com
Tutorials (many others available on the web, look for them)

Poll Everywhere
Ask students questions during class and get immediate responses via their mobile phones or internet devices
Tutorials right on website

Don't like Poll Everywhere or want other options? Check out this listing.
Assessment Apps by Vicki Windman -- a variety of apps listed, some free
Over 35 Formative Assessment Tools To Enhance Formative Learning Opportunities

My Samples:

My pet sample

Help, my form doesn't show up on my wiki after I have embedded it. Or, I can see it but others can't. What's up?
Check your Sharing options. Make sure you have made your form/spreadsheet public so others can view it.

Poll Everywhere -- Here's a quick poll I conducted:


Hmm... my poll came out too small to be easily viewable for the whole class. How do I make it bigger? Easy, Edit, click on the Other Widget image (the rectangle), click on the Widget icon (blue TV), look at the code and find where it is talking about height and width - change those numbers to something larger, save.

Video Tutorial -- Creating Rubrics with Rubistar

Video Tutorial -- Adjusting your rubric to fit onto one page, saving as xls, pdf, jpg

My Samples:

Rubistar -- I've attached my rubric as an excel spreadsheet (both xlsx and xls), pdf, and jpg.