What are they and why use them?

A variety of tools exist to help you communicate with others across the web. Skype is one such tool. Others also exist. Even Facebook has a built in Skype-like tool. These tools are great to use for guest speakers, "pen pals," and even local students who can't make it to school for a variety of reasons. I've had students who attended class via Skype. It works! Friends and families also use Skype or similar apps to stay in touch. If you haven't joined this revolution yet, now is the time.

Determine what your communication needs are, the level of internet accessibility of the person you need to communicate with, and then select an appropriate tool.

Your assignment:

  1. Read/explore links below.
  2. Use Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts (Google Hangouts Guide for Teachers),or a similar tool to talk with someone.
  3. Create a communications page in your wiki. Discuss how you have used of Skype (or a similar tool - tell what you used), tell how other teachers are using it, and how you see it being used in your future classroom.
  4. Explore Skype in the Classroom and Skype Field Trips. Identify two lessons or speakers that would work well in the classroom where you hope to teach. Tell what the lesson/collaboration is all about and what you find interesting about it. Be sure to include links to the lessons.

Due Oct 4,midnight


  1. Skype brings together students, authors
    Seventh- and eighth-graders at Tiverton Middle School in Massachusetts discuss writing with their favorite authors via Skype as part of the Meet the Author Book Club, a collaboration between school and town librarians. Students prepare for the monthly author interviews by reading a book by the author, then developing questions about the writing process and other topics. "A lot of the students are budding writers, and it's a chance for them to see what it's like on the other side ... and really step into the author's shoes," librarian Kasia Piasecka said.
  2. http://education.skype.com/collections/stars-and-stripes?kme=Newsletter+all+users&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter+all+users+28_08_12
  3. Digital Wish Opens Virtual Volunteer Site To Match Teachers with Experts
  4. U.S. Schools Forge Foreign Connections Via Web
  5. Common Core Goes Global
  6. Skype (Check out Skype for Schools. They now allow you to connect up to 10 people in one conversation!)
  7. Ovoo
  8. Google Hangouts (The 411 for coordinating a Google Hangout On Air
  9. Facetime
  10. Making Global Connections (10 tips)
  11. Skype Translator, I can not wait to use it in the classroom!
  12. Fire-up-a-videoconference-with-up-to-15-people

Bonus Communication Tools

No assignment connected with this information. But.....
Sometimes you have to help a friend/parent/student with a computer problem. Sometimes others have to help you.
Free tools exist to share screens. Check them out.