What are they?

Interactive whiteboards turn your whiteboard into a touchscreen computer monitor. Think SmartBoard. There are actually many brands out there including SMART, Mimio, Promethean and others. Teachers and administrators say they are a MUST KNOW for new and experienced teachers. So, explore, explore, explore to determine how teachers are using them and how to use them. Don't go into student teaching without this knowledge!

iPads and Mobile Devices and Interactive Whiteboards are two of the hottest tool categories in today's classrooms. You are most likely carrying a mobile devise in your pocket (your smart phone). You may also have an iPad or tablet or a Google Chromebook or other devise with you or you may have one or more at home or in a classroom where you work. This is great! I am going to encourage you to use them this semester. The same goes for Interactive Whiteboards (SmartBoards). Unfortunately our classroom has none of this equipment :( So, you are going to have to push yourself to gain familiarity with them. To practice using a SmartBoard, go to Polk Library and reserve/use the SmartBoard room on the 3rd floor. It's there just for you!!! Check out the key at the circulation desk. To access an iPad talk to me, we have some in the college. I can check them out for a class period. Or, better yet, gain access to one that you can use over several days. You won't want to go to student teaching or a job interview without familiarity with these tools. It's up to you here... create instructional plans that incorporate their use.

Your assignment:

1. Explore what interactive whiteboards are.
2. Create an Interactive Whiteboards webpage in your wiki. Tell what interactive whiteboards are.
3. Find a classroom with an interactive whiteboard and use it. On your wiki tell what you have done. Make a movie to show you using it. (Polk library has a room on the 3rd floor that you reserve and use. They keep the key at the Checkout Desk on first floor, check it out!) But, DON'T do this --
“I recently walked by a classroom where the teacher was demonstrating how to solve an algebraic equation by writing it out and talking through the steps. On a piece of paper with a pen.
  • • Under a $500 document camera
  • • Connected to an $800 computer
  • • Wired to a mounted $900 projector
  • • Displayed on a $1200 interactive white board.
  • If my math skills are right, that teacher is using $3400 worth of technology to do what could be done using a piece of chalk on an existing chalkboard.” - Doug Johnson, Blue Skunk Blog
4. Reflection: Based on what you have discovered, tell how you and your students might use this tool to support learning.
5. Bonus points if you teach another teacher (pk-12 or university) how to use it.
6. Bonus points if you use it in your clinical classroom.
7. Bonus points if you use the SmartBoard software in the Swart Lab to create lessons for use on the SmartBoard.
8. Bonus points if you use it in front of a class.

Due Oct 4, midnight

Additional Resources