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LifeGraphs are a great way to illustrate life events. This is typically an EdL 205 Introduction to Computers assignment so should be a review for you. Use your LifeGraph in your Language Arts block assignment 1. Use for our course as an optional part of your Picture This project.

If you need directions, here they are.
Thanks to Jim Bowen who originally obtained them from me but has continued to update them.
While the directions say to email your lifegraph to me, you don't need to do that this semester. Use it in your Picture This project instead.

Having trouble getting your graph with images and text boxes into a Word Doc? Try taking a screen shot of the graph then pasting it into your document. See Handy Tools page if you don't know how to take a screen shot.

Want to save your image as a picture?
When in your spreadsheet -- right click on chart, Save as Picture. My graphics and text boxes did not come across in the image when I tried this.
When in Word Doc -- right click on graphic, Save as Picture. Change file extension to JPG. Give picture a name, save to desktop so you can find it. All worked perfectly

Want a sample lifegraph to experiment with? Use this Junk LifeGraph. Sure hope your life is more exciting than this graph suggests.