What and Why?
Google and now others such as Bing and Chrome offer a variety of extremely interesting mapping tools. Check out what is available.

  1. Explore the above links.
  2. Create a maps or mapping page.
  3. Optional: Find two articles or videos where teachers talk about how they use any of these tools with their students. Summarize articles/videos (2-3 sentences) and hyperlink to article or video on your wiki page.
  4. Samples: Tell what you explored, what you discovered. Include at least 6 screen shots and 1 embedded map to document and illustrate your findings. (forgot how to do a screenshot? Check out Handy Tools page in this wiki.)
  5. Reflections: Based on what you have discovered, on your wiki page tell how you and your students might use this tool to support learning.

Due: Dec 15, 3 pm

Additional Resources (not all of these have to do with maps or Google, but, they are good)
  1. Read 100 Web Tools to Enhance Collaboration
  2. Read 100 Ways Google can make you a better educator
  3. Explore Get Your Google Earth Going article and associated websites.
  4. Explore Top 25 Web 2.0 Sites for Education and/or My Favorite Web Tools of 2010 and/or Top 25 Sites of 2010 or AASL's Best Websites for Teaching and Learning
  5. SketchUp -- a google tool for geometry and 3-D modeling --moving to Trimble (April 2012) http://ww2.trimble.com/3d/ (ugh, you now have to pay for this) --- So, try some of these tools... Web based 3D / CAD for kids: Tinkercad & 3DTin (Bonus: Origo, a 3D printer for 10 year olds)
    Interesting video
  6. Ngrams (graph how frequently words are used) What our Words Tell Us (an editorial discussing how word usage has changed over time, only the first half pertains to our discussion)
  7. Google Art Project

Here is a map. Note it is interactive. It is an embeded widget. A screenshot would have been static.

View Larger Map

Use Street View to view the Rio Negro River and Amazon River, Brazil. Drag PegMan to the darker blue sections of the river where Street View is available (near Manaus, Santarem, Itaituba and Macapa).

Someplace else