What and Why?
Nonliner slideshows are great ways for both teachers and students to communicate important learnings. They can be created by teachers to be used as tutorials, perhaps with a built in quiz function. When developed by students, they help students interact with content, develop sequencing skills and foster creativity, higher level thinking and student engagement. Someday Google Presentations hopefully will allow linking like this. For now, Microsoft PowerPoint is needed. Fortunately, most schools are still using it.

  1. Create a Nonlinear Slideshows page.
  2. Sample: Create a nonlinear show using Microsoft Office's PowerPoint. Use the Egypt show below or create your own using content you are teaching. Include hyperlinked text, hyperlinked hot spots, citations for all graphics, a 2-3 question multiple choice quiz utilizing hyperlinks. Post completed sample to your wiki.
  3. Here's a sample I created.....Animals
  4. Reflection: Discuss how you and your students might use nonlinear PPTs in their learning.
  5. Bonus: Why be concerned about fonts and design?
    Study: Familiar words register in the brain as pictures
    When it comes to reading comprehension, human brains register familiar words as pictures -- rather than individual letters -- according to researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center. "The visual word form area does not care how the word sounds, just how the letters of the word look together," study co-author Maximilian Riesenhuber said.

Due Nov 8, midnight

Screencast of NonLinear PowerPoint (Egypt)

Egypt show used in screencast below. Text and graphics are already created, all you need to do is format it. This is not designed to be a typing exercise.