QR CodeWhat are they?

Great question, read the following article:
Read QR Codes in Everyday Life
Read QR Codes and Math Stations
Read 3 Ways to Use QR Codes to Connect School and Home
Read Hook Students with QR Codes
Do a search to find out more about these QR codes.
Some museums are using QR codes with their exhibits so that people can get additional information about the item being viewed and/or information about the artist.
Enhancing student art shows with technology -- Student art shows are given a dynamic twist with the addition of QR codes and augmented reality, professional-development specialist Patricia Brown suggests. QR codes assigned to individual works of art can link viewers to recorded commentary by the artists, while the Aurasma App allows users to turn an image into a video, Brown writes. EdSurge (4/29)

Your Assignment:

  1. Create a QR page.
  2. Create some samples:
    1. Create a QR code to place on the homepage of your wiki. http://www.the-qrcode-generator.com/
      Copy html embed code from generator website, Widget - Other HTML - paste code in box, save wiki page, pretty code! You could also upload the qr code as a graphic file on your page.
    2. Create a QR code and place it on your QR Code page. Perhaps include a message that will make your viewers chuckle.
      (tip: My phone is rather old so don't use a terribly fancy QR code.)
    3. Bonus: Create 2-3 QR code posters. Post as jpgs on your page.
    4. Bonus: Create an instructional video showing how to make a QR code, post on this page.
    5. Use a smartphone with a QR reader (ie. BeeTagg) to see if the code works correctly.
      Video Tutorial: How to Read a QR Code
    6. Wow, are you up with the times! Can your roommate do this?!?
  3. Reflection: Based on what you have discovered, on your wiki page tell how you and your students might use this tool to support learning.

Due Oct 18, midnight

Don't have a phone that can download apps.... Check an iPod or iPad out of Polk library then download a free QR reader
You can create an iTunes account without using a credit card but you have to choose a "free" item from the store before you create the account..

- open iTunes
- go to the iTunes Store Tab
- find a free App or Song (wont matter what you choose as long as its free)
- choose "get"
- when asked to signin with AppleID choose "Create Apple ID"
- when asked for payment information choose "none"

that should create an account without having a CreditCard assigned to it.
You can find a prettier version of these directions here.


Here's the QR code for our course wiki.


Microsoft Tag

You've seen these too but might not have known what they were called.
Optional: Create one and place on your homepage. http://www.ventipix.com/vpx_qrcode_mstags_mini_cards.php
This site seemed to create a graphic (I saved it as a jpg) which I then placed on my page. (File, upload +, navigate to file, double click when uploaded)
Wow, that should even impress your siblings!
Can you read this with a smartphone?

QR Code with SMS message embedded

Optional: Want to have others send a text message to your phone number? You can do that with an SMS message. Type in the phone number you want the message sent to then type in your message. Explore the other options available too like the one for Google Maps.


Optional: Not a QR code, but a way to use SMS.....

Remind101 -- Teachers, Safely text message students and stay in touch with parents.

Guess where this code takes you...
The first one is a graphic, the second an embedded item.
QR Code

Today's sample 9/23/14 (the top sample is my embedded file, the second sample is a graphics file)
I used QR Code Generator to make my qr code.

QR Code


This is the qrcode I made. I used this site

Here is my code embedded as as widget.
QR Code

Here is the code as a graphic.

my first qrcode.png

How do make a QR Code video