Optional page this semester...

What are they?

All content areas today are guided by standards. Some standards are national in nature (Common Core). Others are set by professional organizations. Others are set by individual states. Explore what your school is expecting you to teach toward. Report cards might reflect progress on the standards and/or end of year exams may be directly related to the standards. You should be learning about important content area standards in your methods courses.

Embedded in most content area standards are technology expectations. Look for them.

You also should be teaching toward school, district, state or national technology standards. ISTE, International Society for Technology Education, is the organization which has taken the lead in developing and updating technology standards. They have standards for teachers, students and administrators. For the purposes of this course we are only interested in your mastery of the teacher standards and evidence of meeting the student standards in your lesson planning. Check out what the standards say:

Your assignment:

Ideas: Review the standards documents hyperlinked above.
Samples: When you create your unit plan, tell which ISTE student standards you are addressing.
Thoughts: Be ready to tell if or how you personally have met each teacher standard and which student standards you have plans for.

Bonus: If you wish to create a Technology Standards page, go ahead. If you wish to complete the following IT Portfolio project, go ahead. Use the IT Portfolio Shell for text deleting the DPI 10 Teacher Standards if you wish. I think we are no longer forming our COEHS Teaching Portfolios around the DPI 10 Teacher Standards. The project involves creating a non-linear PowerPoint to demonstrate where each Standard was demonstrated in class. This is not a required assignment this semester. It has been in previous semesters.

Content Area Standards

Your methods teachers should be leading you to the most up-to-date content sites. If you want to plan for an area and don't have the standards, here are some sites you might use.

Content Standards (copy and paste from National or state standards)
Review the Standards which you need to teach toward:
WI Academic Standards
Common Core Standards English Language Arts, Mathematics
Early Childhood
Next Generation Science Standards

College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) **Framework for Social Studies State Standards**
National **Curriculum Standards for Social Studies**: A Framework for Teaching, Learning, and Assessment

Standards based report card samples --
Pulaski, samples for grades K-5
Milwaukee Public Schools, samples for grades PK3-8

Common Core Standards - Mathematics, English Language Arts,